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Just Published and Available Now!

An Amazing Manatee* Journal has just been published! This book is so much more than a lined journal! Inside you’ll find planners, puzzles, to-do lists, manatee facts and graphics, and more!! The sea cow is an important character in Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery, and for this reason I decided to create the manateeContinue Reading

Garden Update 2022-Flowers and Vegetables

I can’t believe it’s already July! When we planted the cucumbers, squash and Brussels sprouts (mid-May), we had to then cover them in plastic for the next few weeks due to chilly nighttime temperatures! They are doing quite well now, and I just picked our first cucumber and should be able to pick zucchini inContinue Reading

An Amazing Manatee* Journal

I am excited to announce my newest book, An Amazing Manatee* Journal, will be available soon on! It’s more than just a lined journal! Of course, An Amazing Manatee* Journal is filled with dozens of lined pages to record your thoughts. But you’ll also find: ● Bookmarks● To-Do Lists● Graphics about manatees● Daily Planners●Continue Reading

A Supportive Garden Post

This year I’m trying out new ways to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. In addition, I’ve planted potatoes for the first time. The potatoes required an investment in bags made of a felt-like material. This allows water to drain through, and they’re light enough so that even when filled with dirt and mulch, I’m ableContinue Reading

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Busywork and the Consequences of Low Expectations Part 2

In my last post, Busywork and the Consequences of Low Expectations Part 1, I chronicled my daughter’s journey from a special education resource room to adult camps geared towards those with special needs. Along the way, I highlighted the missteps by adults who should know better—those professionals who either assumed my daughter was capable ofContinue Reading

What Has Happened to Library Etiquette?

My family and I have been enjoying some holiday films, all courtesy of our local library: Because my daughter works in the local library system, she can easily put a “hold” on a few family favorites, and we usually receive the film in a few days. I want to make sure others have an opportunityContinue Reading

Garden Adventures 2021—3 Things I Have Learned

It’s been a strange gardening year for me. We started out with little rain and then experienced more rain than usual during mid-summer. This caused the squash and tomato plants to explode in size. Then the weather changed again, and I had to constantly water, using the spigots attached to soaker hoses my husband setContinue Reading

Open to Interpretation

A while ago I was asked by a Twitter user to offer my thoughts about one of his poems. I had done the same with previous works, and my interpretations had been embraced. However, this time things were different. This poem held different meanings for me, and, according to the poet, the one I offeredContinue Reading

One Very Wet Flower Garden Update!

It has been a wet 24 hours or so, and we expect the rain to continue here until well into next week! We have had a good amount of rain so far this year (yet not enough for the farmers–the next few days should help remediate the drought-like conditions for crops) and the flowers andContinue Reading

First garden update for 2021: Is it June already?

I can’t believe it’s June already. As usual, Michigan weather has taken us on a roller coaster ride. The outdoor thermometer will hit almost 90 degrees today, but just about a week and a half ago the weather was cool, and the lows were in the 30s. A few days before my surgery (about 3Continue Reading

The Writer’s Life Interview-Part 1

This interview was published in the blog The Writer’s Life. Welcome to The Writer’s Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  When did you come up with the idea to write your book?  My family and IContinue Reading

It’s That Time of Year Again!

For what, you might ask? Why, gardening, of course! As I fondly look back at the images of my garden last year, I am still amazed at the abundance of vegetables and beautiful flowers that adorned each deck planter. Amazingly, most of my Pinterest pins saved by others have been of my zinnia and cosmosContinue Reading

This Spring

The Twitter Universe I have spent a fair amount of time on Twitter lately, and yesterday I wrote and posted this poem after a grocery store run. From what I have read so far, many poets on Twitter think little of rhyming poems and consider them amateur and “easy.” I received no feedback, so IContinue Reading

Look Who’s Still My Hero!

While pulling off a bit of spring cleaning, I came across two file boxes filled with programs that I had created for my daughter’s home behavioral therapy program in the 90s. These directives are about twenty-five years old, and as I pull out random cards, I am taken back to a time when my daughterContinue Reading

Autism Resource Guide

Parenting a child with autism can be challenging, and even though I have not done so, I suspect that parenting a child with autism during a pandemic brings a whole new set of issues. With classes oscillating between virtual and in person, routines are disrupted while the future seems to be in a constant stateContinue Reading

A 3-Hour Leap Back in Time

John K. King Books, Ferndale A few weeks ago, we traveled to John K. King Books in Ferndale. This store is much smaller than the bookstore we visited in Detroit, and just as I was about to leave empty-handed, I spied an enormous book. It looked like a scrapbook, but upon closer inspection, it wasContinue Reading

He asked me. We’re dating.

     November 15th is an important day in our household.      Next to Veterans Day (the 11th—my husband is a navy veteran), November 15th is a day of reckoning of sorts, a celebration that signifies an achievement: for the past eight months two people, through no fault of their own, have had to embrace eachContinue Reading

A Halloween Tale

     Between the ages of 9 and 11, I lived with my parents in a crumbling home in a tiny town in southern Michigan a few miles from the Ohio border. The home itself would be an appropriate reference to Halloween, as I would always hear sounds in the attic (maybe the squirrels?) and thatContinue Reading

The Picture Dictionary-Part II

In my last post, I wrote about the two volumes I had purchased of The Picture Dictionary, which were published in 1952. I had thought about using these dictionaries in my book, Island Times Three, but when I received them, I realized the size and weight of the books would not make sense in theContinue Reading

The Picture Dictionary-Part I

     For the past several weeks, I have been editing my mystery novel, Island Times Three (A Raymond Gray Mystery), using an online editing program. While it has done a good job of pointing out poor sentence structure, questionable grammar and repetitive words, in the end I will send the manuscript to a professional editorContinue Reading

A Final Garden Update

Well, it’s that time of year again. At least for gardeners in the north.And while we usually don’t experience a frost until the beginning to the middle of October, this year our first frost occurred three nights ago. A few days before that, my husband and I tore out all of the spent plants. IContinue Reading

A Birthday Trek

NOTE: I have been busy editing my book, Island Times Three, and have fallen behind in my posting schedule. Another one of my birthdays occurred last week, and to “celebrate” I told my family I wanted to visit a bookstore.  More precisely, a used books bookstore. Candidates included shops in Ann Arbor, Novi and Brighton.    Continue Reading

Lisa Morningstar and…

     The ring was nowhere to be found. Lisa had searched every logical place, and after an hour it occurred to her that Glen might have taken it. Which would have been fine since he bought it, but what she really wanted was to give it back to him. A kind of token ceremony representingContinue Reading

Lisa Morningstar and…

     When the doorbell rang just after eleven the next morning, Lisa expected it to be Glen. But when she yanked open the door, a short, gray-haired woman occupied the porch. And she didn’t seem happy to be there.     “Can I help you?” Lisa asked through the screen door.     “I’m Debbie Krapps,” the woman answered.    Continue Reading

Lisa Morningstar and..

     “She’s so cute!” Vicki gushed, causing several heads to turn in their direction at the Razzle Dazzle, Lisa’s favorite café. She and Glen would walk downtown every Saturday afternoon to visit restaurants with outdoor seating. That is, until he decided to spend more time at the office to guarantee his “promotion.”     “Hah!” Lisa thought.Continue Reading

Another Garden Update

We interrupt this short story series for another garden update! Next up: the versatile carrot! And what’s up next for my garden? Why these lovely things!


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