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Lisa Morningstar and…

How to Deal made it to the short story finals in the 2017 Florida Writer’s Association Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. Because of its length, I will be posting it in “parts.” LISA MORNINGSTAR angrily pushed the power button on her car radio, creating a deafening silence she wasn’t sure she liked. She tucked herContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

A Garden Update

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” –Cicero © Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these images or material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. 

The Intangible Foe

     They met on a Friday night in August. Katie had been hesitant to take part in this particular social group because history had proven to her that such gatherings consisted mostly of cliques—small clusters of young adults who had been attending the groups for years. No structure, no methodology was in place to introduceContinue reading “The Intangible Foe”

My Dream Library

     It is a mere 11-1/2 x 13—150 square feet with one double-hung window and one small closet. Some people think it is nothing more than a room with some books.     Far from it—for it is my library.     I have no idea how many books are in this small room, since I have been addingContinue reading “My Dream Library”

O Birds of Peace-A Poem

O birds of peace, so aptly named,Your choice to dwell sublime.Among the million bells proclaim,A place to bide your time. A single kin, so fine and frail,Your gift to all the world.So harsh, but yet you will prevail!The plume of young unfurls. The turns you take, the to and fro,Relief each one affords.The steady bond you eachContinue reading “O Birds of Peace-A Poem”

Practical Memories: One Teacher’s Attempt at Cultivating Potential

  This post is a continuation of “A Herbal Beginning.”     The years I spent in high school were a lowlight for me–all four years. Every day was a struggle, largely due to the machinations of a series of nefarious women who would—absurdly—assume the “stepmother” moniker and who were adept in their ability to atContinue reading “Practical Memories: One Teacher’s Attempt at Cultivating Potential”

A Herbal Beginning

A Herbal Beginning

     My family and I have moved six times during the past nine years, and after each one, as soon as we were settled and the weather permitted, I would seek out the local nurseries and purchase several herb plants. Basil, parsley, sage, thyme and oregano were must-haves, of course. But I delighted in discoveringContinue reading “A Herbal Beginning”

Part 5: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     I opened the cooler.     “Since we did not play the game, and you were willing to listen to what I had to say, I think each of you should get the treat asked for.”     Gerard smiled…really smiled…for the first time. “Sounds fair!”     I pulled out the first container and opened it. “Percy, your choiceContinue reading “Part 5: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     “E…lim…i,” Adele started, frowning.     “Kill, missy!” Gerard growled. “They’ve tried it before! And here we are!”     “Hah! One threw rocks at me one time,” Percy offered. “Obviously missed.”     I sighed. Adele was visibly frightened, but Betts…she was unusually quiet.     “It’s a collective effort, this time,” I explained. “This means every two-legger in every houseContinue reading “Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

Part 3: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     “Hey, Betts, do you have a good story to tell?” Adele asked.     Betts frowned. “I stay away from the two-legged creatures,” she said seriously. “I keep to the creek. Lots of pinchers, swimmers and meanderers.”      Percy and Gerard were talking at once now, each trying to outdo the other while detailing their escapadesContinue reading “Part 3: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

Part 2: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     Gerard arrived first, and a brief glance told me his attitude seemed to have worsened. Then he opened his mouth, and my suspicions were confirmed.     “Where is everybody? Look, a whole bunch of eggs are waiting for me! Gotta beat the two-leggers!”      He looked at me warily. “You brought the goods?”     For myContinue reading “Part 2: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

What’s an Internet?

  Here I have reprinted the third chapter from my book:  From Prompting to Shaping to Letting Go: My Love Affair With ABA and How Being a “Bad Mom” Helped My Daughter With Autism Succeed.” Chapter 3: What’s an Internet?      My husband and I were at a restaurant on the island with aContinue reading “What’s an Internet?”

Spirit of the Elder

  While I was watching an Elvis Presley movie last night, I suddenly remembered that I had written a play years ago called Spirit of the Elder and that Mr. Presley was one of the characters in the first scene. I had to search for it on my laptop and finally found it archived inContinue reading “Spirit of the Elder”

Ode to The Fairy Clock

Ragged leaves, like lion’s fangs, Yellow tops that shout. My life so brief, from dirt I sprang, To color all about. I’m fruitful now! Thanks bumblebee! My strength today rebounds. The waiting starts, no wings for me! White comely hair astounds. The wind is strong, is this the day? My bristles on standby. They leaveContinue reading “Ode to The Fairy Clock”


The house we bought last year came complete with several long benches that run the perimeter of our deck. Because we are not the type who throw huge parties, my husband decided to turn each bench into a garden planter. Due to his hard work, last year we were rewarded with a haul that includedContinue reading “Weeds!”

Ten Dollars Enough

Over the span of several weeks, I have been reading a serialization of the 1888 book Ten Dollars Enough: Keeping House Well on Ten Dollars a Week. How It Has Been Done. How It May Be Done Again. The author, Catherine Owen (née Helen Matthews Nitsch), takes us on a culinary journey with Molly Bishop,Continue reading “Ten Dollars Enough”

My Portal to History

Confession time. I fancy vintage ladies’ and how-to magazines. I don’t mean I simply like to look at the interesting covers or occasionally peruse an online copy (which I do). No, it’s a bit more involved than that. A few years ago, when my family and I lived in Tennessee, I went a little crazy.Continue reading “My Portal to History”

How Am I Doing?

I’d love to hear from you! If you have a moment, please fill out the feedback form below to let me know what you like or don’t like about my site. Thanks very much!

Ode to Sanibel

When I recently searched through my archived photos (again!), I decided to pull out some of the Sanibel Island vacation snapshots. We lived in the Fort Myers area for two years (and 30 minutes away from the island where my daughter worked three days a week), and throughout much of that time my husband andContinue reading “Ode to Sanibel”

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

A Springtime Cadence

Could it be, that time ago, Ere biting wind, crisp leaves below. Parade of hues my breath did stole, Regale my eyes, embrace my soul. Veneer of white, a lonely stage, Now life suspends, I disengage. Retreat for now, inside to rest, Will I survive this bitter test? Oho! I shan’t repress my glee, MyContinue reading “A Springtime Cadence”

Too Much Salt

A couple of months ago, I posted an essay about a vintage cookbook I had bought at my local library book sale: From Clever Judy Frosting to Small Cakes. The cookbook, All About Home Baking, has several inscriptions from a variety of bakers who, over a 75-year period, tried and then commented about their experiencesContinue reading “Too Much Salt”


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