Ode to The Fairy Clock

Ragged leaves, like lion’s fangs, Yellow tops that shout. My life so brief, from dirt I sprang, To color all about. I’m fruitful now! Thanks bumblebee! My strength today rebounds. The waiting starts, no wings for me! White comely hair astounds. The wind is strong, is this the day? My bristles on standby. They leaveContinue reading “Ode to The Fairy Clock”

Ten Dollars Enough

Over the span of several weeks, I have been reading a serialization of the 1888 book Ten Dollars Enough: Keeping House Well on Ten Dollars a Week. How It Has Been Done. How It May Be Done Again. The author, Catherine Owen (née Helen Matthews Nitsch), takes us on a culinary journey with Molly Bishop,Continue reading “Ten Dollars Enough”

My Portal to History

Confession time. I fancy vintage ladies’ and how-to magazines. I don’t mean I simply like to look at the interesting covers or occasionally peruse an online copy (which I do). No, it’s a bit more involved than that. A few years ago, when my family and I lived in Tennessee, I went a little crazy.Continue reading “My Portal to History”

Nature Near You from Sanibel Sea School

I have been sifting through my backlog of emails (300+) and was pleasantly surprised to discover 10 gems from the Sanibel Sea School. My daughter and I always wanted to attend one of their many programs when we vacationed on the island, but it always seemed like we were not there when they were offered.Continue reading “Nature Near You from Sanibel Sea School”