Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder

     Here in Michigan, spring weather seems to fluctuate more than the stock market. Yesterday, I awoke to temperatures in the 60’s—nice! Today? Not so nice—in fact, 49 degrees of not so nice.     My choice for a supper-time meal tends to reflect the weather of that day. Eighty degrees? Pasta with veggies (from the garden!),Continue reading “Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder”

Twenty Questions: Gardening (a thinned-out version)

As you know by now, the planned Twenty Questions game with my four original panelists was scrapped due to an unexpected and urgent matter. Therefore, I have decided to present a few of my images here and give you the opportunity to guess their identities. I cannot offer the types of prizes I furnished toContinue reading “Twenty Questions: Gardening (a thinned-out version)”

Part 3: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     “Hey, Betts, do you have a good story to tell?” Adele asked.     Betts frowned. “I stay away from the two-legged creatures,” she said seriously. “I keep to the creek. Lots of pinchers, swimmers and meanderers.”      Percy and Gerard were talking at once now, each trying to outdo the other while detailing their escapadesContinue reading “Part 3: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”