From Prompting to Shaping to Letting Go

“A few days before we pulled Katie from the school, the administrator approached me and asked how I could expect Katie to “work” several hours a day. She informed me that kids her age should be playing, and I responded that Katie did not know how to play. But that did not dissuade her from telling me that only bad moms would make their children work and not let them play. Did I want to be one of the bad moms? I decided I did.”

From the back cover: “From Prompting to Shaping to Letting Go: My Love Affair With ABA and How Being a “Bad Mom” Helped My Daughter With Autism Succeed chronicles one mom’s (and her daughter’s) journey from the time the little girl first displayed symptoms of autism to the present. Little information existed in the ‘90s on ABA treatment, and Miss Jae tells about her first encounter with the “Internet” and how this new-found acquisition of knowledge shaped the way she would teach her daughter. The now 27-year-old “worked” hard from the age of three to nine, and this paved the way for her ability to achieve so much more than the local school administrators’ bleak predictions in 1995. The use of Applied Behavior Analysis is grounded in science and was considered the logical treatment for autism then, and even though its tenets have not changed, it is implemented in an entirely different way today. It remains the best approach to help children with autism learn how to learn, and for many parents, this is the one treatment that can offer real possibilities for their child. In this book the author takes you on an adventure in her quest for a promising future for her daughter. Along the way, Miss Jae recounts the trials and errors and even the missteps in her pursuit of helping her daughter learn how to learn. At journey’s end she provides several resources for parents who either need to implement therapy themselves or who want to be actively involved with their child’s ABA providers. Hopefully, you will be inspired to find out more about Applied Behavior Analysis and how it can be beneficial to your child.”

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