A Final Garden Update

Well, it’s that time of year again. At least for gardeners in the north.And while we usually don’t experience a frost until the beginning to the middle of October, this year our first frost occurred three nights ago. A few days before that, my husband and I tore out all of the spent plants. IContinue reading “A Final Garden Update”

O Birds of Peace-A Poem

O birds of peace, so aptly named,Your choice to dwell sublime.Among the million bells proclaim,A place to bide your time. A single kin, so fine and frail,Your gift to all the world.So harsh, but yet you will prevail!The plume of young unfurls. The turns you take, the to and fro,Relief each one affords.The steady bond you eachContinue reading “O Birds of Peace-A Poem”

Twenty Questions: Gardening (a thinned-out version)

As you know by now, the planned Twenty Questions game with my four original panelists was scrapped due to an unexpected and urgent matter. Therefore, I have decided to present a few of my images here and give you the opportunity to guess their identities. I cannot offer the types of prizes I furnished toContinue reading “Twenty Questions: Gardening (a thinned-out version)”

Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     “E…lim…i,” Adele started, frowning.     “Kill, missy!” Gerard growled. “They’ve tried it before! And here we are!”     “Hah! One threw rocks at me one time,” Percy offered. “Obviously missed.”     I sighed. Adele was visibly frightened, but Betts…she was unusually quiet.     “It’s a collective effort, this time,” I explained. “This means every two-legger in every houseContinue reading “Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”