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O Birds of Peace-A Poem

A mourning dove nest complete with single white egg appeared four days after I displayed the million bells. The optimist in me dares to consider that the couple’s decision to build their home at our home was deliberate—that the tough choices we have all made to secure the welfare of ourselves and our families will yield goodness, peace and love. Their spirit radiates calmness and serenity, and this can allow us to release the confusion and uncertainty that we have struggled with. And their softness of body and sound remind us that we have the power to let go our inner conflicts and embrace a future full of promise.

O birds of peace, so aptly named,
Your choice to dwell sublime.
Among the million bells proclaim,
A place to bide your time.
A single kin, so fine and frail,
Your gift to all the world.
So harsh, but yet you will prevail!
The plume of young unfurls.
The turns you take, the to and fro,
Relief each one affords.
The steady bond you each bestow,
A lifetime of rewards.
O spirit birds, why here you chose?
Could peace be far behind?
Upon my gaze, a sweet repose,
Renewal of my mind.
O earthly birds, you loving pair,
Your meaning gives me pause.
Renew I must, and I will share,
It’s you who gave me cause.

Copyright © 2020 Kathleen Jae (kathleenjae.com). All rights reserved.

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