My induction into the world of mid-century modern

A few weeks ago, I posted a “pin” on Pinterest of a vintage photo of a house we used to live in. As I noted in the text, it was my favorite house among the five we had lived in during the nine years we lived outside of Michigan. Since then I have enjoyed myContinue reading “My induction into the world of mid-century modern”

A Few Words About Cursive Writing

This can be filed under “something else I was blissfully unaware of.” A recent TV news segment one morning caught my eye, and it was about something that I had never pondered. The caption read: Twenty-one states (up from 14) require students to learn to write in cursive. I was gobsmacked—not because the number ofContinue reading “A Few Words About Cursive Writing”

How could this have been so alien to me?

It has been called a woman’s health manual, a nature encyclopedia and even an Egyptian sex manual. It has been attributed to Roger Bacon (a 13th century English Franciscan and scientist), Leonardo da Vinci, and, in a variety of comment sections, a 15th century Hebrew schizophrenic. It has been called an elaborate hoax and atContinue reading “How could this have been so alien to me?”

Sign Up Today for Autism Conference!

Great News! On March 6, Autism Alliance of Michigan is presenting the 2020 Navigating Autism Today conference at Wayne County Community College Ted Scott Campus. Dr. Rick Solomon, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician Medical Director, Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is the keynote speaker. Dr. Solomon developed what is known as the P.L.A.Y.Continue reading “Sign Up Today for Autism Conference!”

A Valentine’s Day Reminder

When I was in grade school, I did what every other kid did a few days before Valentine’s Day. I scoured the house for a suitable container that I was then supposed to decorate—usually a shoebox. Or my mother would offer me some empty box that I would then have to transform into a worthyContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Reminder”

From Clever Judy Frosting to Small Cakes

My local library organized a book sale yesterday, and I was third in line, waiting in the cold for the assistant librarian to unlock the automatic door. I usually walk away with at least two large bags stuffed with books, and at a quarter a book, I can still spend less than ten dollars. OneContinue reading “From Clever Judy Frosting to Small Cakes”