Meet the Characters of Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery

The following illustrations were created by Michigan illustrator and author Lori Taylor.

Elanora loves adventure and spends her days with her best friend Damhan and exploring beyond the boundary of the home she shares with her mother and brothers and sisters. She loses her way on an unusually wispy day and ends up far from home. Elanora is saved by Akira and Tam, and because she is different, the other members of the colony do not hide their hostility toward her. When the sea cow tells her about the marsh’s troubles, she must piece together clues and create a plan to save the colony. Will she convince those who despise her there is only one way to save themselves?

Damhan, a wise pancer, is Elanora’s best friend in the north. He never fails to listen attentively, and his stories are a source of comfort to a young Elanora.

Akira, along with Tam, rescue Elanora from the marsh after she is thrown from a boat. Akira insists that Elanora stay with them, but what will the colony say?

Tam, along with Akira, rescue Elanora from the marsh after she is thrown from a boat. He is not at all sure Elanora should stay. Will Akira be able to convince him?

The sea cow reveals to Elanora the marsh is hurting. He charges her with a task that sets in motion a quest to find out why the springers are unwell. Because her plan to save the colony and the springers is an extreme one, will she be able to convince the others that no other choice remains?

From the moment Elanora arrives, Lachi is determined to drive her out of the colony. Will he succeed?

Beathas is the oldest member of the colony. As the elder, her opinions matter to the others but not so much when it comes to Elanora.

Sisters Muireall and Moira strive to be “helpful when possible.” Elanora’s reliance on their knowledge of the neighborhood frustrates the elder, but her faith in the sisters may make the difference between a safe journey and a tragic outcome.

The springers’ bizarre behavior is Elanora’s first real clue that the marsh is hurting. Will she be able to help them in time?

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