A Final Garden Update

Well, it’s that time of year again. At least for gardeners in the north.And while we usually don’t experience a frost until the beginning to the middle of October, this year our first frost occurred three nights ago. A few days before that, my husband and I tore out all of the spent plants. IContinue reading “A Final Garden Update”

Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     “E…lim…i,” Adele started, frowning.     “Kill, missy!” Gerard growled. “They’ve tried it before! And here we are!”     “Hah! One threw rocks at me one time,” Percy offered. “Obviously missed.”     I sighed. Adele was visibly frightened, but Betts…she was unusually quiet.     “It’s a collective effort, this time,” I explained. “This means every two-legger in every houseContinue reading “Part 4: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”