It’s That Time of Year Again!

For what, you might ask? Why, gardening, of course!

Weed of the day: Field Pennycress

As I fondly look back at the images of my garden last year, I am still amazed at the abundance of vegetables and beautiful flowers that adorned each deck planter. Amazingly, most of my Pinterest pins saved by others have been of my zinnia and cosmos videos and photos.

By early spring of this year, the planters had transformed from containers filled with dirt and mulch to containers filled with dirt and mulch and those lovely plants commonly referred to as weeds! Because I had piled on so much mulch last year, I tidied up the planters in no time.

What to plant first?

Let’s start with these lovelies, shall we?

Carrots were up first, and I planted two rows, one each of Nantes Half Long and Short and Sweet.

I sowed Cherry Bell Radishes next, and finally Mesclun Classic Mix. In a few weeks I will plant a short row of Lettuce Gourmet Blend.

I plan on putting up my hummingbird feeders in a few days and will visit the nurseries very soon to buy tomato, cucumber, squash and pepper plants. Oh, and plenty of zinnias and cosmos!

All of my faithful garden defenders are on hand—except one. We lost dear Maggie about six weeks ago.

Miss you, Maggie!

Cooper, helping to remove the fencing from the cucumber and squash bed.

Athena, ready for anything!

Roxie, practicing her sentry stance!

Lana, fresh from the beauty parlor and ready to work!

Back to the garden, instead of flowering baskets, I may plant nasturtiums and/or passionflower so that they climb up along the supports over one of the beds on the deck.

My next gardening post will feature pics of my new planter–made out of concrete blocks!

Thank you so much for visiting! I would love to know what you are doing in your own gardens! Please post a comment, even if to just say “Hello!” and/or “Cool!” I look forward to posting updates this gardening season!

Feature image by MrGajowy3 from Pixabay 

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