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Historical Mystery Soon To Be Published: Island Times Three

According to, a supporting character is a person who plays a role in the life of a story’s protagonist (the main character). The story is not about supporting characters, but they are important and help move the story forward. The reader should get a pretty good idea of each supporting character’s point of view and their characteristics. Hopefully, they are interesting, even if readers don’t like them!

Island Times Three is filled with a variety of supporting characters: likeable and not.

Island Times Three originates on the island of Manhattan, in 1952, where detective Raymond Gray, the protagonist, owns a private investigator practice. From the beginning of the story to the end, Raymond will meet a variety of characters, and these supporting characters enhance and move the story along.

Supporting Character Highlight #1


Henry lives on the island of Sanibel, in a cabin not far from Raymond’s newly acquired client. He is a gray-haired man in his fifties, is muscular, and speaks in a southern accent. According to Raymond after they first meet: “I’m not an expert, but Henry’s accent and speech remind me of a snitch I used about ten years ago on the force. He was from northern Alabama. Poor bastard did not last long in Manhattan.”

Henry was a fun character to create and an important one at that.

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