The Picture Dictionary-Part I

     For the past several weeks, I have been editing my mystery novel, Island Times Three (A Raymond Gray Mystery), using an online editing program. While it has done a good job of pointing out poor sentence structure, questionable grammar and repetitive words, in the end I will send the manuscript to a professional editorContinue reading “The Picture Dictionary-Part I”

A Final Garden Update

Well, it’s that time of year again. At least for gardeners in the north.And while we usually don’t experience a frost until the beginning to the middle of October, this year our first frost occurred three nights ago. A few days before that, my husband and I tore out all of the spent plants. IContinue reading “A Final Garden Update”

A Birthday Trek

NOTE: I have been busy editing my book, Island Times Three, and have fallen behind in my posting schedule. Another one of my birthdays occurred last week, and to “celebrate” I told my family I wanted to visit a bookstore.  More precisely, a used books bookstore. Candidates included shops in Ann Arbor, Novi and Brighton.    Continue reading “A Birthday Trek”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     The ring was nowhere to be found. Lisa had searched every logical place, and after an hour it occurred to her that Glen might have taken it. Which would have been fine since he bought it, but what she really wanted was to give it back to him. A kind of token ceremony representingContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     When the doorbell rang just after eleven the next morning, Lisa expected it to be Glen. But when she yanked open the door, a short, gray-haired woman occupied the porch. And she didn’t seem happy to be there.     “Can I help you?” Lisa asked through the screen door.     “I’m Debbie Krapps,” the woman answered.    Continue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Lisa Morningstar and..

     “She’s so cute!” Vicki gushed, causing several heads to turn in their direction at the Razzle Dazzle, Lisa’s favorite café. She and Glen would walk downtown every Saturday afternoon to visit restaurants with outdoor seating. That is, until he decided to spend more time at the office to guarantee his “promotion.”     “Hah!” Lisa thought.Continue reading “Lisa Morningstar and..”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     In the four years Lisa lived in the house, this was the first time she was thankful her father had built a fence around the backyard. Twenty years ago he bought the property for $59,000, right before housing prices skyrocketed in the area. Within two years its value jumped to $120,000, and it wasContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     “I’ve been trying to train her,” he told her. “But I think Sharon makes her nervous.”     Lisa watched while Phoebe dug up a cluster of purple asters she had just planted in the ground next to the porch. She had remembered reading somewhere that dogs pick up on their owner’s moods. Could Phoebe beContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     Her afternoon meeting with Frank went well, and she was pleased when he complimented her on a job well done, particularly in the Jackson office. She was alarmed, though, when as she started to leave he asked her out to dinner Saturday night to talk about the week’s problems–his week’s problems.     “I can’t. I’m…busy,”Continue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Lisa Morningstar and…

How to Deal made it to the short story finals in the 2017 Florida Writer’s Association Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. Because of its length, I will be posting it in “parts.” LISA MORNINGSTAR angrily pushed the power button on her car radio, creating a deafening silence she wasn’t sure she liked. She tucked herContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”