The Picture Dictionary-Part I

     For the past several weeks, I have been editing my mystery novel, Island Times Three (A Raymond Gray Mystery), using an online editing program. While it has done a good job of pointing out poor sentence structure, questionable grammar and repetitive words, in the end I will send the manuscript to a professional editorContinue reading “The Picture Dictionary-Part I”

Lisa Morningstar and…

     The ring was nowhere to be found. Lisa had searched every logical place, and after an hour it occurred to her that Glen might have taken it. Which would have been fine since he bought it, but what she really wanted was to give it back to him. A kind of token ceremony representingContinue reading “Lisa Morningstar and…”

Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder

     Here in Michigan, spring weather seems to fluctuate more than the stock market. Yesterday, I awoke to temperatures in the 60’s—nice! Today? Not so nice—in fact, 49 degrees of not so nice.     My choice for a supper-time meal tends to reflect the weather of that day. Eighty degrees? Pasta with veggies (from the garden!),Continue reading “Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder”

Part 5: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     I opened the cooler.     “Since we did not play the game, and you were willing to listen to what I had to say, I think each of you should get the treat asked for.”     Gerard smiled…really smiled…for the first time. “Sounds fair!”     I pulled out the first container and opened it. “Percy, your choiceContinue reading “Part 5: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

Part 2: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)

     Gerard arrived first, and a brief glance told me his attitude seemed to have worsened. Then he opened his mouth, and my suspicions were confirmed.     “Where is everybody? Look, a whole bunch of eggs are waiting for me! Gotta beat the two-leggers!”      He looked at me warily. “You brought the goods?”     For myContinue reading “Part 2: Twenty Questions: Gardening (or so I thought)”

A Few Words About Cursive Writing

This can be filed under “something else I was blissfully unaware of.” A recent TV news segment one morning caught my eye, and it was about something that I had never pondered. The caption read: Twenty-one states (up from 14) require students to learn to write in cursive. I was gobsmacked—not because the number ofContinue reading “A Few Words About Cursive Writing”

How could this have been so alien to me?

It has been called a woman’s health manual, a nature encyclopedia and even an Egyptian sex manual. It has been attributed to Roger Bacon (a 13th century English Franciscan and scientist), Leonardo da Vinci, and, in a variety of comment sections, a 15th century Hebrew schizophrenic. It has been called an elaborate hoax and atContinue reading “How could this have been so alien to me?”