Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder

     Here in Michigan, spring weather seems to fluctuate more than the stock market. Yesterday, I awoke to temperatures in the 60’s—nice! Today? Not so nice—in fact, 49 degrees of not so nice.     My choice for a supper-time meal tends to reflect the weather of that day. Eighty degrees? Pasta with veggies (from the garden!),Continue reading “Comfort, Thy Name is Chowder”

From Clever Judy Frosting to Small Cakes

My local library organized a book sale yesterday, and I was third in line, waiting in the cold for the assistant librarian to unlock the automatic door. I usually walk away with at least two large bags stuffed with books, and at a quarter a book, I can still spend less than ten dollars. OneContinue reading “From Clever Judy Frosting to Small Cakes”