I really DID see it on the internet!

In 2012, Katie’s formal ABA program had ended approximately 14 years before, and I had always wanted to document our experiences. After my daughter graduated from high school in spring 2012, she began classes at a local community college that fall, and I would drop her off and wait in the library until she wasContinue reading “I really DID see it on the internet!”

The Impact of ABA and Discrete Trial Training

As I noted in my previous post, my daughter and I talked with many Navigating Autism Today conference attendees last week, and some of them were concerned about the use of aversives. I was taken aback by the topic since so much has been written about the fact that aversives are no longer used whenContinue reading “The Impact of ABA and Discrete Trial Training”

What a Day!

The Navigating Autism Today conference is over, and my daughter and I have thankfully decompressed. Unfortunately, I had spent so much time gathering everything we would need for our table that I missed my self-imposed deadline for my next post. At the same time I was trying to think of a topic, my husband askedContinue reading “What a Day!”