My Dream Library

     It is a mere 11-1/2 x 13—150 square feet with one double-hung window and one small closet. Some people think it is nothing more than a room with some books.     Far from it—for it is my library.     I have no idea how many books are in this small room, since I have been addingContinue reading “My Dream Library”

Practical Memories: One Teacher’s Attempt at Cultivating Potential

  This post is a continuation of “A Herbal Beginning.”     The years I spent in high school were a lowlight for me–all four years. Every day was a struggle, largely due to the machinations of a series of nefarious women who would—absurdly—assume the “stepmother” moniker and who were adept in their ability to atContinue reading “Practical Memories: One Teacher’s Attempt at Cultivating Potential”

A Herbal Beginning

     My family and I have moved six times during the past nine years, and after each one, as soon as we were settled and the weather permitted, I would seek out the local nurseries and purchase several herb plants. Basil, parsley, sage, thyme and oregano were must-haves, of course. But I delighted in discoveringContinue reading “A Herbal Beginning”

Pins of Spring

I recently published two pins on Pinterest: one about my favorite sound of spring, the other a nice graphic on the steps to take when one finds a baby cottontail rabbit. I did not realize it at the time of publication, but these pins have an intertwined history—namely, both relate to my time as a wildlifeContinue reading “Pins of Spring”