The Picture Dictionary-Part I

     For the past several weeks, I have been editing my mystery novel, Island Times Three (A Raymond Gray Mystery), using an online editing program. While it has done a good job of pointing out poor sentence structure, questionable grammar and repetitive words, in the end I will send the manuscript to a professional editorContinue reading “The Picture Dictionary-Part I”

Nature Near You from Sanibel Sea School

I have been sifting through my backlog of emails (300+) and was pleasantly surprised to discover 10 gems from the Sanibel Sea School. My daughter and I always wanted to attend one of their many programs when we vacationed on the island, but it always seemed like we were not there when they were offered.Continue reading “Nature Near You from Sanibel Sea School”

We Will Always Have The Lazy Hideaway

We have visited Sanibel, Florida many times over the years—my daughter even visited before she was born!—and for about 98% of the time we have stayed at one resort. Five years ago, we decided to locate a different dwelling to rent for our week-long vacation: a cottage with a dock to fish as often asContinue reading “We Will Always Have The Lazy Hideaway”

Hurricane Irma and Island Times Three

Yesterday I posted an image of my upcoming mystery novel, Island Times Three, on Pinterest. I’ve yet to complete the edits, as I am trying to get Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery ready for print. But after I posted the image, my thoughts turned to the time I spent researching the history of SanibelContinue reading “Hurricane Irma and Island Times Three”