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Another Garden Update

We interrupt this short story series for another garden update!

This planter is filled with bits and bobs of veggies and flowers!

This cute cuke was hiding at the end of the above planter.

Zinnias, corn and cosmos…

to green peppers…
From cherry tomatoes…
…to an ear of corn that makes me smile!

Take a bunch of stubby carrots…

Next up: the versatile carrot!

…add olive oil + honey + dill = YUM!

Hurry Up! You make our salads taste so much better!

More Zinnias…

This is what happens when you have too many tomato plants and nowhere to plant them!

Yay! More Cosmos!

Zinnia–up close and personal!

From this…

…to this.
Now, what can I do with these beauties?
Fried Zucchini Slices (aka Zucchini Chips)

Thinly sliced Zucchini (and/or yellow squash)-
sliced in rounds or strips.
Cornmeal (I use coarse)
Salt (I use sea salt)
All-purpose seasoning
Canola oil
Dip slices into milk, then coat with cornmeal.
Carefully place into hot oil in pan (I use cast iron).
Sprinkle with salt and all-purpose seasoning.
Fry until golden brown and flip with long-handled tongs.
Fry other side until desired doneness and crispness.
Place on plate lined with paper towels.

And what’s up next for my garden? Why these lovely things!

I adore sunflowers!

As you can see, the sunflowers have been ravaged by critters. I think my spraying regimen has at least allowed them to flower!

Let’s hope I will be able to pick a few more of these! I can’t wait to make gazpacho, tomato soup and spaghetti sauce!

2 comments on “Another Garden Update

  1. Such pretty photos! And some good eating there….


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