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Ode to The Fairy Clock






Ragged leaves, like lion’s fangs,

Yellow tops that shout.

My life so brief, from dirt I sprang,

To color all about.

I’m fruitful now! Thanks bumblebee!

My strength today rebounds.

The waiting starts, no wings for me!

White comely hair astounds.

The wind is strong, is this the day?

My bristles on standby.

They leave me now, they glide away,

To echo, multiply.

My work is done, but not for long,

Sun, moon and stars once more.

My friends and I, we must be strong,

To keep, protect our lore.

Copyright © 2020 kathleenjae.com

Feature Image by mattvest from Pixabay; Video by Stian Tjelle from Pixabay.

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