This Spring

The Twitter Universe

I have spent a fair amount of time on Twitter lately, and yesterday I wrote and posted this poem after a grocery store run. From what I have read so far, many poets on Twitter think little of rhyming poems and consider them amateur and “easy.” I received no feedback, so I decided to post it here. I know some of you have “liked” my poems before, so I hope you enjoy this one. Let me know! Feature image by Rick Veldman from Pixabay.

With cupboards bare, the trek I make,
An agronomic slog.
My brew in hand, with little slake,
To treat my mental fog.

My chore concludes, relief in sight,
The goods are stored with care.
A button pushed, the pane just right,
The breeze cannot compare.

My travel slows, a line takes shape,
Vexation rears its head.
I start to reach, to just escape,
The clacks and clanks I dread.

I stop at once. What do I hear? 
This sound so quite at odds?
I must affirm, this soon, this year,
A sweeter chord bombards.

That handsome chap, with patch of red,
He preens and lives to sing.
For now I know, the joy is spread,
This day, this life, this spring.

Do you have any poems you’d like to share? Let me know!

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