Hello and Welcome!

This post marks the launch of my blog.

I have plenty of ideas for blog posts but have recently discovered that I will need to compose them while I wait for chapters to come back from the formatter. Every word of these chapters must be checked as well as spacing, indents and justification, and I have a proofreader to help me. I hope to have my first novel, Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery, in print form on Amazon within the month.

Meanwhile, my first book, From Prompting to Shaping to Letting Go: My Love Affair With ABA and How Being a “Bad Mom” Helped my Daughter With Autism Succeed, has garnered no reviews, and that is my fault. When I sent the final version to the formatter, I started right away making the edits and redoing different chapters of Elanora. It has taken me three months of editing and coordinating with the illustrator and now that it is the formatting stage, I feel like I can turn my attention to my first book. I’m proud of it—the book was easy to write because my daughter and I lived it. I feel it will be useful to parents who have a child with autism, and that gives me some comfort.

My third book, Island Times Three, has been edited, and as soon as Elanora is finished and after I focus on marketing the autism book, I will complete the changes. It’s a Raymond Gray mystery, and the setting is Sanibel Island in 1952. My goal is to have it published by the end of the summer.

Because I have not marketed my first book intensively, I am wondering if I should just stick with a print copy of Elanora for now or have it formatted for the Kindle Store. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on this, I would be most grateful.

I have blogged before—actually the site consists of a collection of essays about my daughter, and I completed them while waiting for her to attend her classes at Carl Sandburg Community College. They are included in my autism book, and if you want to venture over to the site, it’s called spectrumsoul.wordpress.com.

Thanks very much for reading this far. I promise to do my best to make it worthwhile!

Take care!

Featured Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay.

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